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About BC Upfitters

BC Upfitters develops an upfit solution for vans and trucks that gives a return on investment. We are continually contemplating upfitting in order to add value to our consumers. One way we reimagine upfitting is how we collaborate with each customer to provide the most effective solutions to their real problems and prospects.

What We offer

At BC Upfitters, we specialize in custom upfitting for trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles. Our offerings include expertise in cargo van builds, arrow trucks, spray bed liners, and all custom upfitting needs. Whether you require optimized cargo space, enhanced functionality, or specialized features, BC Upfitters delivers tailored solutions with precision and excellence. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every project meets the highest standards in craftsmanship and functionality, providing clients with vehicles equipped for the job.

Services We Offer


Traffic Control Trucks

BC Upfitters excels in professional arrow board installations, strategically enhancing road visibility and safety. Our precision installations meet industry standards, providing a reliable solution for improved traffic management. Choose BC Upfitters for safety-focused and functional arrow board installations.


Van Upfitting

BC Upfitters excels in cargo van upfitting, delivering tailored solutions for optimized functionality. Our skilled team transforms vans, providing custom storage and organizational features. Whether you’re a contractor, delivery service, or tradesperson, count on us for precision and attention to detail, ensuring your vehicle meets professional demands.


Refrigerated vans.

BC Upfitters excels in refrigerated van upfits, tailoring solutions for businesses relying on temperature-controlled transport. Our skilled team ensures safe perishable goods transport, offering customized insulation and temperature control. Whether in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, or any sector, trust BC Upfitters for precision and reliability.


Caps and Canopies

BC Upfitters, your top choice for truck caps and canopies, offers customized solutions to enhance your truck’s functionality and versatility. Our expert team specializes in installing high-quality enclosures, ensuring secure, weather-resistant storage for tools, equipment, or recreational gear. Trust BC Upfitters for meticulous attention to detail, enhancing your truck’s utility with durable and customized solutions.


Spray on Bed Liners

BC Upfitters excels as a premier provider of spray-on bed liners, offering a robust solution to safeguard and enhance your truck bed’s durability. Our skilled team applies high-quality, protective coatings, preventing wear and tear while adding a sleek, professional finish. Choose BC Upfitters for long-lasting protection and a polished look.


Ladder Racks

BC Upfitters, your trusted source for superior ladder rack solutions, enhances vehicle functionality and efficiency. Our expert team excels in precise installation, ensuring secure transport of ladders and equipment. Count on us for tailored, reliable solutions.


Plows and Salters

BC Upfitters leads the way in snow and ice management, offering top-notch plows and salters for businesses tackling winter weather challenges. Our expert team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions, ensuring efficient snow removal across various industries. Trust BC Upfitters for precision and reliability in keeping pathways clear and operations running smoothly, no matter the conditions

How Can We Help

BC Upfitters offers the latest in work van and truck equipment upfits to help you and your employees get the job done right.

Our Core Business

  • Refrigerated Vans – Cool Division
  • Commercial Van Upfitting
  • Commercial Truck Upfitting and accessories
  • Caps and Canopies and Covers
  • Traffic Control
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Lighting, Inverters, alarms
  • Spray on Truck Bedliners
  • Truck Accessories
  • REEFERVAN Van insulation
  • Van Shelving and Ladder Racks
  • Snow Plows & Sander
  • Lighting
  • Arrow Boards
  • Tool boxes
  • Van accessories
  • AC/Heating

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